Pokrovsk animals need help

  You can donate some money for their rescue. 


The money for the project was collected as of 31.12.2018109192.03 UAH

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We are responsible for life of these animals and it does not matter

in which city we live, we must take part and help them.

   We are working to get immediate rescue for 11 bears and 6 lions in a private zoo of Padalko family in Pokrovsk, Ukraine.
   The situation is dire and is being completely ignored by the Ukrainian government despite countless appeals and petitions. We are desperate for any help and sincerely hope you could look into this matter. Having worked with ASPCA and other rescue groups for a few years, it's one of the worst cases I've seen.

   Lions and bears are being kept in horrific conditions: tiny iron cages, unable to stand up, covered in urine and feces. Animals are emaciated, physically and mentally damaged. The director of the zoo was supposed to build new cage, but failed to do so, and now, according to the expert veterinarian, animals face getting frostbite on their paws due to metal floors of the cages.
With temperatures dropping below the freezing point, lions will not survive the winter, their weight is critical and they will die from hypothermia. There is no water or proper nutrition available to the animals either.

   We ask you to please look into this situation and help us end this living hell for these animals.
Here is the Instagram account that features photos, videos, materials, and updates about the matter.

Instagram account:  Hope For Life.  


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